The Match Slip podcast is not only a recorded program, it is also conducted live and in person at conventions across the United States.

If you’re interested in having The Match Slip podcast at your event, we can host a live recording of the show as a panel with room for questions from the audience. We’ll also reach out to one of the vendors at your event and invite them to be a guest on the show.

The following are the current rates to hire Frank to speak at your event and host one panel. Rates are subject to change.

Local Events (Downstate NY & NYC)$500
Out-of-State (and Upstate NY)$500 + traveling expenses (hotel, rental car, lodging)

If you feel our podcast fits your event and you’d like to book Frank to host an episode for those in attendance, contact us.

Here’s our live podcast recording at the Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo in Garden City, New York: