Greensboro Game Store: The Comic Dimension

Game store in Greensboro, North Carolina
Credit: The Comic Dimension Facebook Page

The Comic Dimension is a local game store located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is one of four stores in Greensboro, according to Wizards’ Store & Events Locator. Based in a college town, The Comic Dimension is in a prime location for attracting new players. The store Co-Owner is Chris Gordon and he maintains the day-to-day operations. He shares that the store became a desire of his along with his friend and business partner Neil eight years ago (2015).

The store specializes in back-issue comics with a collection exceeding 50,000. Additionally, Chris notes his customers have told him that they haven’t found a store with this extensive of a collection elsewhere. While he’d like to carry new comics – low margins and high shipping costs did not make it financially feasible. Instead, the store pivoted and focused on older comics; a business decision Chris is happy with.

Both Chris and Neil have put a lot of money into their Greensboro game store. Furthermore, neither profit from the store. Instead, the money goes back into the business to further serve their community. They have their own custom paint color for branding. On top of that, they even had a commercial produced for when the store first opened. Additionally, players enjoy comfortable chairs and a dedicated reservable room for playing Dungeons & Dragons. The store sports life-size statutes to gaze at and an easy-to-follow layout to find what you are looking for.

Customer Service At The Greensboro Game Store

There’s much talk about customer service in the business world. However, Chris goes above and beyond for his customers to show that he cares. What store do you know that pays for a customer’s car transmission replacement? How about giving away a sealed Magic: The Gathering booster box to make up for overbooking a pre-release? Chris wants his customers to know he’s there for them and the feeling is mutual:

“I love this place! I am a new magic player but everyone is very friendly and open to help. They are very responsive and timely with whatever questions you have. I enjoy the interactions with the page just as much as with all the great people at the store!

11/10 easily becoming my favorite place to go to.”

Chris Nelson
A review on The Comic Dimension Facebook page

As an attentive local game store owner, Chris acknowledges his own mistakes. He handles them in a humble and professional manner. He noted in our interview that there was a moment when some players were playing Cards Against Humanity. The behavior of the players began to hit inappropriate levels. He was able to de-escalate the situation and addressed the players in a respectful manner to which they obliged. Realizing this game presented undesirable store perceptions, Chris removed the game from the store.

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Being Available To Customers When They Need You

Chris makes himself available to his customers and can be reached on Instagram, Facebook, and The Comic Dimension website. He understands that being a local game store owner requires him to be available during store hours and after hours. However, as Chris says, it’s a labor of love. He’s very attentive to customers entering the store and not just with his regulars. Here’s what Chris has to say about the experience after meeting a new potential customer:

“The most rewarding thing to me is when people become regulars and then start to share their ups and downs with me. There is so much in life that people are going through that no one knows about and it’s a good feeling to be trusted by those people.”

Co-Owner, Chris Gordon

Are you interested in learning about Chris’ favorite superheroes? Maybe you’d like to hear the details about the good deeds he’s done for his customers. How about his wish for the store if money weren’t an option? We cover all of this and more in our interview which you can listen to below.

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