EP 3: Enablers, Payoffs, and Redundancy

In episode three of The Match Slip podcast, we’re taking a deep dive into an article on Star City Games by Emma Handy called “How To Beat Anything In Modern.” In what may be the best strategy article I’ve ever read on Magic, Emma talks about a few core elements of Magic: enablers, payoffs, and redundancy. These were concepts I never fully grasped even though I’ve heard them uttered throughout various outlets like the Star City Games Twitch stream covering the SCG Open and SCG Classic. Hearing those concepts and understanding them are two completely different things and if you don’t truly understand them, your game will suffer because of it – mine did. However, after processing Emma’s insights and learning from her experience, I can now break them down even further and explain where I should have implemented these strategies better in my recent tournament and how you can do the same.

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